Clearing The Weeds

Kenyah Fair

Founder   l   Mother   l   Herbal Curator



   Bedrock was created in 2019 when I encountered a continuation of issues in my health. It started with my cervix. I experienced a biopsy and a miscarriage in the same year. A few months later I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri (inflammation of the optic nerve). Fortunately, the health issues that derived from these experiences I learned could be treated and eventually reversed. Obviously, I realized I needed to take my health more seriously. 

It was from these experiences that Bedrock was born. My love for all things natural, learning about western medicine versus functional medicine and how I could use this knowledge to not only lead a healthy lifestyle but also thrive. Optimal living I like to call it. Bedrock features a series of herbal blends that caters to the mind and body.