10 Benefits of Herbal Tea

Hey you! A lot of us are avid tea drinkers whether its commercial brand tea or herbal hand-crafted. First, let me say if you're drinking commercial brand tea, do yourself a favor and check the labels. They "ain't" all healthy babe. Whether you're a connoisseur of teas or new to experiencing the differences of tea here are the top ten reasons to drink herbal teas or organic teas! 






1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that help prevent the breaking down of cells in our body. The way life is setup, we come across a plethora of germs, diseases and infections on a daily. Sickness and illness is inevitable but antioxidants makes sure that our bodies do not "wear and tear" from all that our bodies are exposed to. 

2. Little to no caffeine

If you need to boost your overall immune system, you can do that through herbal tea. You don't have to consume anything with lots of sugar, caffeine and the works just to get the 30% of substances that supports the immune system. I am one of those who can go without caffeine and truly its best for me to go without because I experience the jitters or overactive anxiety. Eating healthy and taking the right supplements and substances like teas, tinctures and capsules will reset your body so you don't have to settle for caffeine when its not necessary. 

3. Reduce risk of heart attack or stroke

Herbal Teas are cardio protective. They strengthen and fortify the heart. Especially, green tea.  

4. Balances high blood pressure 

 Stress is the number one link to high blood pressure which also called the "silent killer." Herbal tea contains adaptogens that helps regulate the body to bring the the body to its natural way of handling all that causes high blood pressure. In my case, you could have developed high blood pressure genetically and there just seems to be no way to get rid of it. Herbal Tea helps maintain good blood pressure. 

5. Boost the immune system

Need I say more? Herbs are our natural healers. The more you consume on a regular the more your are taking care of your immune system, and when you have a well-balanced immune system the higher your chances to fight off an illness. 

6. Balances the digestive system

There is more and more research developing on the importance of maintaining gut health. Gut health is the lifeline to overall good health. If you're dealing with health issues that have developed further into adulthood, more than likely it's your gut. Herbs, much like probiotics helps to balance the digestive system. 

7. Anxiety and Depression support

Herbs such as Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Chamomile and countless others are considered neuro-adaptive herbs or Adaptogens helps the body to deal with stress naturally.

8. Supports PMS symptoms 

Another reason why I adore the power of herbs! Herbal teas with chamomile, calendula, ginger, red raspberry leaf gives so much relief for those cramping mood swinging days! 


Most of the illnesses lying in our bodies come from a bountiful amount of mucous that is laying dormant in our bodies. Adaptogens helps to break down the bulk of that mucous freeing up some space to build a healthy immune system. I'm not claiming that herbs are the healing power to Covid but they will definitely help support the immune system.  

10. Overall therapeutic 

I mean, there is nothing more soothing than brewing a fresh cup of herbal tea in your tea infuser and watching the herbs blend together and turn into a beautiful vibrant color. Its such a calming, heart-warming, therapeutic experience 

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